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To create safe spaces and provide services, community supports, education and advocacy to individuals, families and communities in the Capital Region impacted by substance use, the overdose crisis and recovery. We practice harm reduction strategies that embrace multiple pathways of recovery and supports overall wellness. ​


We envision a world where all individuals directly impacted by substance use, the overdose crisis and recovery live full and healthy lives supported by a compassionate community.

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  • Informed Leadership. We value individuals with lived experience as vital community resources to saving and improving lives impacted by Substance Use.

  • Respect and Dignity. We love and respect the lives of those who use drugs without the negative consequence associated with stigma.

  • Hope. We believe in the possibility of all pathways of recovery and overall wellness.

  • Compassionate Care. We view our community members as whole beings who have unique needs.

  • Racial, Gender and Sexuality Justice. We are anti-racist and fight for racial, gender and sexuality justice.

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In 2022, a group community leaders, activists and folks who used drugs in the Capital Region vowed "NOT ONE MORE." Fueled by our love and compassion for people who use drugs and the memory of all those we lost to the overdose epidemic, we formed a grassroots alliance of harm reductionist ready to provide live-saving support, education and public health tools. Everyday we build capacity and cultivate leadership among people who use drugs because we know folks who are directly affected by the War on Drugs must be at the center our of advocacy efforts.

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